We are not an outsourcing company. We act as a technology partner for our clients. We don’t sell hours of our developers or remote employees – we develop the solutions that can help achieve our customer’s business goals.

GoTech is a major provider of custom client-tailored software solutions. In other words, we are the crew that is ready to take upon significant challenges and always over-deliver!

Starting as a company focused primarily on eCommerce solutions, today we are one of the leading companies when it comes to software development. No matter the 10+ years of experience our team had, the challenge of rapid growth made us learn faster than we could imagine. As a result, we formed a team of like-minded people and expanded our range of services to include Mobile & Web Apps, Enterprise Solutions, Cloud Deployments, Quality Assurance, and Consultancy.

But being one of the biggest software development companies in the region is just the beginning for us. We look forward to even more engaging and challenging projects that will shape the future of software development! Contact us and we vow to empower you challenge the tomorrow!


We always do our best to achieve our clients’ goals and fulfill all their expectations. We believe that it is only through honest and open communication that we can achieve long-term success and lasting relationships with our clients. We like to push our limits, and continuously strive to improve our skills and adopt new technologies. We enjoy our work and try to foster a positive and friendly environment for both our colleagues and our clients.

Transparency & Informality

Creating collaborative and productive environment together with the customer`s team where all questions and issues are addressed directly is one of the key factors for successful long-term partnership. The team collaboration and tracking tools that we use, status meetings and the entire development process is designed with this in mind.


We have developed a unique customer-centric and product ownership mindset. You will be treated as if your solution is ours. Our team will embrace your idea and business case and will overdeliver on each stage of your digital journey. Furthermore, you will get an unparalleled level of flexibility. We have the shortest possible lead times to start new projects or to augment our current team that works for you. This is also fully backed up by our adaptive delivery methodology: we will align our agile processes to your velocity and with the way you prefer to partner with a software professional services provider.

Customer Focus

We track and measure every aspect of the project to guarantee that all features are delivered on time and in budget. We believe that keeping clean and structured code by conducting frequent code reviews, test-driven development is the best way to build complex applications. Through special tracking tools, high-level progress reports and daily or weekly meetings we ensure that our customers are in aware of the status of the project at any moment.