GoTech provides best-in-class solutions across a number of industry verticals and helps businesses realize their potential and improve workflow. Our considerable experience in custom software development reinforced by a deep knowledge of the industries we work with allows us to add value to the projects and consider every detail so that our solutions comply with generally accepted standards.


At GoTech, we realize that the insurance market requires efficient software that accurately handles data and enables smart decision-making. That is why we create software solutions for the insurance industry which help companies thoroughly process big amounts of data, ensure their privacy and security and facilitate wise contracting.


Software innovation in the automotive industry is quickly catching up with advances in hardware – electronic components and software costs today account for up to 35% of the total product cost. Integration of sensors, telematics services and other elements are transforming the car into a hardware platform where additional value and new features are predominantly comprised of digital services.


Technological advancements, regulatory changes and improving cost efficiencies are presenting great opportunities for industry-wide digital transformation in the healthcare sector.  We help caregivers to manage all kinds of complex medical data and to contend with everyday issues on their way to improved patient outcomes.


The fintech industry has to follow complex and strict requirements for software usability, advanced security, scalability and efficient performance while working with big data.  By delivering financial software development services for financial institutions we create secure and reliable IT ecosystems.


Recreation has evolved into what is now a highly demanded commodity thanks to the deep penetration of web and mobile usage amongst consumers across the globe. We use our deep understanding of how technology has converged with the travel, tourism and hospitality industry, to help you integrate technologies and drive revenues across multiple distribution channels.


Perhaps more than any other, the retail industry has experienced a truly seismic shift thanks to the adoption of new technologies. While some retailers have been crushed by it, others have completely embraced technology and turned it to their advantage. 


While it’s easy to think that growth is nothing but good news, success in the manufacturing industry comes with some unique challenges. Keeping up with customer demands is hard enough without having to ensure growth doesn’t overstretch your current processes.


In order to improve construction performance and reduce operational costs, you can integrate a number of tools and services aligned to your business requirements. That’s where we come in.