We offer the best solutions developed in Ruby, an interpreted and fully object-oriented, concise and elegant programming language. It is best known as a language for web applications because of the Ruby on Rails framework. We create sophisticated software and systems that could help you boost sales,increase brand awareness, develop business, and do whatever you need.

Ruby on Rails Development
Company Services

We create sophisticated software and systems that could help you boost sales, increase brand awareness, develop business, and do whatever 
you need.

Ruby Applications

We design the apps with minimum errors and confusion. Just imagine your app will look like airbnb, crunchbase, or bloomberg!

Code Audit

Our test engineers can carry out a comprehensive analysis of code, check if your app is scalable and flexible enough. They can define the most effective ways to improve website security.

Support & 

Our support staff is ready to provide professional assistance 24 hours a day. Besides, we are offering maintenance services to our customers in case they need us continue working on the project.

Technology Stack

We’ve found that Ruby gives us the best combination of tools, enhanced code libraries and a more pragmatic approach to software development.


  • Capistrano
  • Phusion
  • Passenger
  • Unicorn
  • Memcache
  • Resque
  • RVM


  • Heroku
  • AWS
  • Rackspace


  • Fat Free CRM
  • Refinery CMS
  • Spree E-Commerce
  • Community Engine

Advantages of iOS Development

Learn about the key benefits of Ruby/Ruby on Rails programming.

Fast development

Freedom – Use, Modify, Copy

Ruby’s interpreted nature allows programmers use a special program called an interpreter instead of a compiler for running your source code line by line. Ruby Gems libraries are powerful and set the speed to a development process.

Ruby’s syntax and rules can be easily learned and read. It is presented by methods and classes. The language was developed with the main focus on programmer’s work – it must be fun and clear. Ruby lets developers focus on main programs and make fewer errors.

Knowledge base


Rails and Sinatra, pre-recorded Ruby frameworks, are used for small-to-big projects with maximum performance and quick development time.

Ruby programs tend to be shorter and yet well readable. It is an all-purpose language that can be used for text processing, network or XML programming, general programming, prototyping, GUI applications, and eXtreme programming.

4 Steps Hire Remote Shift

The process of outsourcing to GoTech is quite simple. Here are some instructions


Contact us

Email or call us to specify your requirements.


Put a team together

Ask us to prove our expertise by demonstrating a typical Ruby project accomplished by our programmers.



Define best practices

Choose available Ruby developers. Interview developers and other technical staff. Define the tools and technologies that fit your project.


Manage workflow

Set up management process and workflow.